Seminarwoche Herbstsemester 2022 - Belgien - Titelbild

Einführung: Mittwoch, 19. Oktober, 13:00 Uhr, im HIL D15

Seminarwoche Herbstsemester 2022
Samstag 22. bis Samstag 29. Oktober 2022

Teilnehmer: 10 – 24

Kostenrahmen: D (max. 800CHF)

Slices of Belgium

This seminar week is jointly organised by the chair Gigon/Guyer and the chair Delbeke

This trip takes different slices of Belgium to explore how canonical contemporary architecture has something to do with the complicated and conflicted history of the country. We will look at sites and buildings that speak of the religious conflicts that separated the catholic South from the protestant North, of the emergence of Belgium as a colonial nation-state, and of its rebuilding and progressive dissolution as a three-part country over the course of the twentieth century. Against this background, we will examine some of the buildings and architectural practises that have put Belgium prominently on the map of contemporary architecture, to understand how this production has carved out a space for architecture in particular urban and political conditions. These conditions, as well as their historical background, will be elucidated by prominent voices from various fields. The road trip will start in Brussels and loop progressively further afield, to end in rural Flanders and industrial Charleroi.

The costs include: reader, accommodations, cars, guided site visits, some lunches and dinners; excl. individual arrival and departure.

The seminar week will be accompanied by Mike Guyer and Maarten Delbeke.
Assistance: Stefan Jos, Cornel Stäheli and Jasper Van Parys (Organisation)

Contact: Stefan Jos, Jasper Van Parys


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